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CommentSold has four partner programs, send us warm leads or become a certified implementation or marketing partner, either way with CommentSold we can give you additional revenue with little effort on your part or help you grow your company tremendously by providing managed services to our customers.

Implementation Specialists

Assist our customers with onboarding and the implementation of our platform. Our partners help retailers with a variety of their needs, from getting started on social media to offering virtual assistance for all of their retail operations.
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Marketing Agencies

Accelerate our customer's growth with your marketing expertise. These marketing partners play an integral role in growing our retailer's business to new heights.

Affiliate / Referrals

It's simple. You send us warm leads, and you get paid for their success. This program is perfect for influencers and businesses with a retail-centric customer-base.


Our technology partners integrate via APIs to access CommentSold to help our customers do more with the tech stack.

Easily Scale Your Business

We provide all the tools and resources you need

  • Partner Resources

    Need content to share with your network? Our partners enjoy access to our library of case studies, white papers, and sales material to distribute to their network whenever needed.

  • Revenue Sharing

    Whether it's a new sales channel or a way to invest more money in your business, we pay you for your assistance with our customers.

  • Customer Connections

    (COMING SOON) We help our customers connect to your services. Co-marketing activities and a dedicated services site will help our customers get in touch with your business.

About CommentSold

CommentSold is a single ubiquitous platform that allows retailers to manage and grow their entire business online. Including,

  • Social Selling

  • Live Sales

  • Customer Engagement

  • Invoicing

  • Order Fulfillment

  • payment processing

  • eCommerce Webstore & Mobile apps

  • White Label